Dr John Ryan


PhD GDipPsych BSc DipEd MAPS
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Teaches in Psychology

Dr. John Ryan has more than 20 year’s experience as a psychologist, predominantly in the area of Educational Psychology and more specifically, in the area of Specific Learning Difficulties.  His PhD research examined ‘Visual information processing and eye movement in children with dyslexia’.  He has worked in Australia and abroad with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.   He places considerable importance on accurate assessment of client needs and specialises in objective assessments (cognitive, neuropsychological, educational, career/ occupational assessments, and specific perceptual assessments).  His professional experience as a psychologist has included work within the fields of Counselling, Educational, Occupational, and Organisational Psychology.


Educational Psychology; Specific Learning Difficulties (including Dyslexia); Psychological Assessments (Particularly Assessments which explore various aspects of Neuropsychological Functioning) ; Educational Assessments; Writing of Case Studies

Research Interests

Dr Ryan’s research interests include dyslexia, specific learning difficulties and the perceptual assessments.

Recent Publications and Presentations

    • Slaghuis, W. L. & Ryan, J. F. (2006). Directional motion contrast sensitivity in developmental dyslexia. Vision Research, 46 (20), 3291 – 3303
    • Slaghuis, W. L. & Ryan, J. F. (1999). Spatio-temporal contrast sensitivity, coherent motion and visible persistence in developmental dyslexia. Vision Research, 39(3), 651-668.
    • Ryan, J. F. (1999).  Service models  addressing addictive behaviours. Published by Auscity.
    • Ryan, J. F. (1998). Visual processing in reading and dyslexia: A proposed relationship between the WISC-III coding subtest and phonological coding.  In, The proceedings of the 1998 Australian Resource Educators Association (AREA) National, Conference, AREA, Melbourne, 20-55.